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Massage and Body Treatments

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts: Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use. Today, the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. Our expert massage therapists will perform mastferful work, helping you to relieve the stress and tension of everyday living, and be an integral part of a rehabilitation program.

Massage Treatments

​Swedish Massage

A relaxing blend of medium to firm pressures, this massage will calm aching muscles while improving circulation. Let us carry you away.


Thirty Minutes...........$64 - $77

Sixty minutes...........$90 - $102

Ninety minutes...........$110 - $122


​Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage helps to warm and soothe the muscles and improve range of motion. Relax your mind and body as this healing treatment relieves muscle tension and releases toxins that gather in tired, overworked muscles.


Sixty minutes...........$113 - $122

Ninety minutes...........$136 - $148

Prenatal Massage

Relieve muscle tension, increase energy, and improve your quality of sleep. Includes the use of pregnancy cushions to ensure the safety and comfort of mother and baby.


Thirty Minutes...........$74 - $86

Sixty minutes...........$100 - $112

​Hot Stones Therapy

Integrate warm, soothing stones to ease muscle tension and experience a deeper state of relaxation.


$110 - $122


​Lomi Lomi

Nurture, relax and restore the mind and body with this ancient Hawaiian massage.  It works gently, yet deeply into the muscles, with continuous flowing strokes.


$96 - $108

Body Treatments

​Energizing Salt Glow

Allow your skin to be soft and glowing with the natural exfoliation properties of dead sea salts, coupled with the soothing aromatherapy oils of lavender to calm and relax.


$94- $106​

​Sedona Mud Wrap

This thick mud wrap clay from the Southwest will remineralize and deeply moisturize your skin with essential nutrients for a healthy glow.


Seasonal Mud Wrap.........$118

​Firming Sugar Scrub

Not your traditional sugar scrub!

Ginger marmalade infused sugar granules, combined with firming ginseng and caffeine, revitalize and tone the body while restoring moisture.

Seasonal Sugar Scrub........$113

​Aloe Vera Body Wrap 

Our Aloe Vera and Herb body wrap conditions and soothes skin's texture, while tightening and detoxing the body Invigorating and refreshing, you will also experience a sizable loss.


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